Try / Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

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What is Hemmafrun?

Plattform: PC
Engine: Game Maker
Genre: SingelPlayer, 2d Adventure
Production Time: One Week
Made by: Victor Rasmussen
My Role: Projekt Leader, leveldesigner, graphics and storydesigner.
Date: 12 Februari 2011


Hemmafrun was a from the start a assignment for game designers. I had to make a game where the gameplay was about a housewife doing daily doings in here house. Sound simpel and boring? Remember when you play this game…Think about whats happening. I wanted to put a lot of thought and details into this product.

How to play the game?

Just click the link below and take home a .exe file and play the game.

If you want to turn it of at any moment just press esc.