Sacred Woods

What is Sacred Woods?

Sacred woods is a top-down action adventure game. Kill demons with a variety of ranged weapons. Use your strong arms to push heavy stones to old stone buttons hidden in the grass to raise bridges and progress through the level. Discover the three levels and find one key in each level that will lead you to the deepest dungeon where you will end the demons reign.


  • Ranged combat with a variation of weapons
  • Open world where the player could chose witch level to progress.
  • Puzzle solving with puzzles focusing on thinking out your moves.

My Contribution

  • Made the Tutorial Level and Level 2
  • Found all Music and GFX on
  • Balanced enemy, player and weapon metrics

Design Philosphy

With this game Level design and the team wanted to we wanted to create a game where the player could walk between two levels. We wanted to create a semi-open world game where the player could choose with the level they wanted to play in and how much to discover in the level. We wanted to have ranged combat and some box and button puzzles to mix it up. 

2D perspective and modular pieces

I and Annette had the chance to work with Eli witch in my mind is the best environment artist at The Game Assembly. So with great powers comes great responsibility! To work in Tiled I had gotten used to at this point but with Sacred Woods, we wanted to give the world the right perspective and the feeling that the geometry of the world made sense. So we had a large set of tiles we had to get used to and learn how to create height differences in a 2D game. That would look good. What we ended up with was beautiful worlds

Final thoughts and reception

People enjoyed the different types of weapons and the ability to discover the levels in the order they wanted. From the start, we wanted to have a coin currency that would be used for buying the weapons from a storekeeper. This feature was unfortunately taken away and now afterward it would have made the discovery in the level so much more rewarding.